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The Home & Work

The Home & Work state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge and experienced staff will clean your fleet and facility safely, effectively, and professionally.

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Every interaction I had with this company was excellent. Not to mention the fact that my automobile is stunning. It hasn’t looked this gleaming and lovely in years. I will definitely use this service again, and I would strongly recommend it to others.


My automobile is really stunning! They were able to remove all of the dog hair and stains from the inside of the house. They also changed the oil. I received the fantastic detail, and it really lives up to its name!


You did an AMAZING job on my car! I’m thrilled with the outcome. I’m sorry for not hiring these folks sooner. My automobile screamed for a wax job. Inside and out, The Home and Work comes to the rescue. My automobile now looks like new!!



Price Details

  • Gold Package starting at $229.99
  • Platinum Package starting at $269.99
  • Exterior Titanium Package starting at $349.99

  • Interior Detailing starting at $124.99
  • Exterior Detailing starting at $124.99
  • Quick Wash starting at $64.99

Other Services

Wiper Blade Replacement – $40.00
Engine Cleaning/Shine – $75.00
Headlight Restoration –$90.00
Disinfecting Vehicles – $99.99

  1. Wax And Buffing
  2. Paint Corrections
  3. Call or Email for Fleets

Battery Replacement – Contact Us
Window Replacement – Contact Us
Tire Replacement – Contact Us

  • Vacuum the Entire Car
  • Complete Outside Wash
  • Hand Dry w/ Clean Microfiber Towels
  • Clean All Windows
  • Clean All Cup Holders
  • Clean and Degrease Wheels and Tires
  • Clean All Door Jambs
  • Polish and Wax
  • Clean and Dress Exterior Plastic
  • Apply Tire and Wheel Dressing
  • Shampoo Interior, Carpets, and Floor Mats
  • Clean Vents
  • Spot Clean HeadLiner
  • Wipe Down/Deep Clean All Leather Surfaces and Apply Conditioner
  • Apply UV Protector to All Hard Surfaces
  • Wipe Down Engine Compartment

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